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August 20, 2019

Where’s the best place to see more of your photos?

My portfolio gives you great idea of my style. If you want to see partial galleries (100-125 photos) from a full wedding day then the best place to look is my Featured Work page. That range of photos will give you a really good idea of what kind of photos you can expect from me!

How would you describe your style?

I shoot in a “storybook” or photojournalistic style most of the day, which means most of the photos you receive will be will candid, as-the-moment-happens photos, presented in chronological order as your day unfolds. Most of the daytime photographs will be shot with beautiful natural light (. I also typically conduct a newlywed portrait session when the sky is beautiful. I love incorporating some humor into some of your photos as well; I love taking fun/silly photos of the bride and groom whenever the mood hits.

Do you retouch your photos?

Yes! The photos I take are not final until I’ve at least looked at them on my display. From there I may adjust the crop, apply color correction, color boost, or do some Photoshopping to make a photo complete (for example, if I take a beautiful photo of you and the groom but there’s a bird flying in the sky that is distracting, I will remove the bird). You can see examples of my post production process on my Retouching page.

What about retouching the face and body?

If there are glaring blemishes that are marring the photo I will remove those blemishes on close-up, portrait style photos, to make sure those photos look their best. I can also do more advanced retouching like face and body manipulation using PhotoShop (for example, if you would like your figure slimmed down a touch), however, since that requires expert skill and time I charge separately for that at $100/hour.

What’s the benefit of having 2 photographers?

Having 2 photographers allows me to focus on the bride while a talented second photographer focuses on the groom. This is especially important during the Getting Ready and Ceremony phases of the wedding. As the principal photographer my focus is the bridesecond shooter captures the groom and his groomsmen as they get dressed and prepare for the big day, as well as his reactions and emotions as the bride approaches and during the ceremony. It also minimizes photographer movement during the ceremony and also is great for capturing the emotions of both the bride and the groom from various angles. Last but not least: more photos!

Do you have back up equipment and multiple lenses that you will be using?

Yes I have 3 DSLR cameras (a main body, a secondary body and backup), multiple lenses and multiple flashes.

Do we get to see the photos before you edit and retouch them or only after all the editing is done?

I will only deliver edited photos in .jpg format. I don’t consider a photo “final” until I’ve at least seen it. Often times a photo may not need any editing at all, but most can stand for some editing, whether it’s a small color enrichment, a slight crop or a major retouch.

Do you shoot in both digital and film?

I only shoot digital.

Do you provide the RAW photo files?

I do not provide RAW files to my clients. This is standard practice.

What balance of black and white vs color do you usually use?

The bulk of your photos will be color, I would say it would be somewhere around 90/10 color/black and white. Most the black and white moments will be during the “Getting Ready” phase of the day.

Who is the second photographer that will be with you during the wedding?

Almost all of the second shooters I hire are full-time photographers themselves, so I usually can’t book them until 2-3 weeks before the wedding, when they know the date will be clear for them. I use only full-time or part-time professional photographers with gorgeous portfolios. I do have a few second shooters that I prefer to work with, but again, because they work steadily, I can’t always get them! This usually isn’t a huge issue though, I have a top 5 list and I always get someone out of that top 5. 

How long after the wedding (and other sessions) do we get to see the photos?

You will receive all your final photos within 60 days after the date of the wedding.

How many weddings do you do a weekend? Will ours be the only one that weekend?

I shoot one wedding per weekend max.

How do you coordinate with the videographer?

I’ve never had any issues with any videographers I’ve worked with. They’re always respectful of the photographer’s movement and placement and vice versa.

Will you have or do you follow a “shot list” or do you just shoot freely?

I do have a standard list of things I like to capture during the day, but I shoot freely within that list. I get as many candid moments as possible, as well as details like the rings, the cake, the decor, table settings, etc. I shoot a standard list of formals too, but I like to have your input on those because of extended families or missing family members, etc. During the reception I assume most traditional ceremonies like the first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, etc, unless told otherwise. To clarify I will send you a questionnaire upon booking me.

What will you wear?

Texas is hot! Unless otherwise asked, I dress “business-casual” and comfortably: usually it’s dark slacks and a light Dry-Fit polo shirt(they’re really light, don’t reflect perspiration, and flexible for all the movement I have to do that day), and dark formal shoes and/sneakers (the sneakers are nice and dark, unless you really look you can’t even tell, but they’re just great because I’m on my feet for 6-10 hours for any given wedding). I can wear a suit and tie if requested during the winter months.

Do you bring your own lighting equipment? We are thinking of adding some uplighting for the reception hall. Is that something you could work with or would even prefer to have?

Uplighting is gorgeous, the more lighting you have the better, I don’t bring uplighting but during the ceremony I do place remote strobes strategically to help with illumination and create rim-lighting effects. Lighting companies like Ilios Lightingcan provide beautiful lighting solutions for you.

How much is your deposit?

I require a $1000 retainer fee which to reserve me for your date. This payment will applies toward your balance as well, which is due 30 days before the date of the wedding.


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